Hi there,

There’s something magical about watching a grandchild’s face light up with joy and curiosity. It’s a joy I’ve poured into a little project here at Alphabet Fort, and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s a delightful tale, “Cupcake Day at Pin-si-key Castle,” woven into a coloring book. A combination that offers not just a story, but an adventure you and your grandchild can shape together. An opportunity for shared giggles, wonder, and a splash of color.

At its core, this is about fostering connections. We’d like to send you “Cupcake Day at Pin-si-key Castle,” free of charge when you join our email community. It’s more than a coloring book, it’s a shared experience between you and your grandchild.

As for our other Coloring Book Storybooks, they’ll be there for you to discover as part of the Alphabet Fort journey.

Here’s to more warm smiles, tight hugs, and treasured moments.

Eddie Irvin,
Founder, Alphabet Fort

P.S. Remember, the moments we cherish most are often the simplest. Here’s to creating many of those with your grandchild.